Quote of the day

9-Aug : Every day is my best day
This is my life
I will not have this moment again.. . .

8-Aug : If humans are determined then nothing is impossible
Use the word, impossible coward.

7-AugBirds never nest for the future of their children,
They just teach them the art of 'flying'

6-Aug : I know all
This thinking makes a human being a frog of a well.

5-Aug : Learn from the mistakes of others
By learning to experiment with yourself, your life will be reduced.

4-Aug : There is no defeat in your fall
You are a human being, not an avatar
Fall, get up, walk, run again
Life is short
There is no essence…

3-Aug : Hard work
That's the golden key
Which also opens the door to a closed future

2-Aug : Success is waiting for every failure

1-Aug: A target that is high and strong,
The same test in life is strict ...

31-May: The unsuccessful person is the one who has forgotten but their experience
I did not take advantage of any kind.

30-May: If you increase height and do not ignore your companions,
These partners will help you while going down

29-May: Nobody can go back and start a new one,
But we can start better by introducing all the new ones.

28-May: No matter how difficult a job is,
Must be fulfilled with stubbornness and firm conviction.

27-May: Do not waste time in success, failure to assess the possibility of failure,
Set goals and start work.

26-May: Today's results are determined by the deeds of the past.
To change your future, change today's decisions.

25-May: "Fate, whose high and bright,
Their test is also tremendous. "

24-May: "Thinking until tight,

               Life is a war. "

23-May: "life is race"

22-May: "Yesterday can not be changed tomorrow,
But the future is always in your hand. "

21-May: "Things get before the price is met
And after losing the value of human beings. "

20-May: "Your every dream can come true,
If you dare to get it. "

19-May: "Trouble comes at all, someone
No one gets scratched. "

18-May: "Those who are afraid to fall,
He can never fly. "

17-May: Self-confidence is not always right,
Rather than being afraid of being wrong, it comes from.

16-May: You bend many times, sometimes broken..
In spite of this, they take better shape at the end.....

15-May: "The harder the struggle will be,
The better the win. "

14-May: "Success Comes Slowly"

13-May: "Behind every failure,
Success is your way. "

12-May: The quality of your life depends on the fact that
Which quality of thoughts come to your mind?

11-May: Do your best, enjoy the present
And who is happy with that

10-May: There is no insult to work,
The insult is in the empty seat.

9-May: Failure to improve your mistake and
Inspires to succeed with double power back.

8-May : Defeat and victory are dependent on our thinking,
If you accept defeat and resolve then win.

7-May: It does not matter how far you are on the wrong path
Gone, the possibility of turning back is always there.

6-May: Knowledge does not happen because we used to explain the past,
This is to create a future.

5-May: Failing to prepare for success
Prepare for is similar to.

4-May:When goals are difficult to achieve, then
Do not change, but rather change your efforts.

3-MayOnly when you are in a state of awakening
Best dreams are created.

2-May:Suffering from suffering
Knowledge of the value of happiness is there.

1-May:Money is not needed to help,
He needs a good mind.

30-April: The fog of  morning also teaches that,
Looking forward too is hard to find.
Keep moving slowly, the road will open automatically.

29-April: Be patient, all tasks seem to be difficult before they are easy.

28-April: Let's think that what we have to think is not necessary, that every man is worthy of understanding our reality...

27-April: The creation of a good character stems from eating stumble.

26-April: There is a simple rule to be happy, do not expect, do not neglect.

25-April: There is nothing permanent in this world, not even problems.

24-April: Directly people and straight roads, nowadays, do not take anyone into the brain.

23-April: The words are understood only if they have passed past, but everyone else is seen to have good thoughts!

22-April: Honest is always time, but a person understands it.

21-April: Joy is everywhere, but its source is in our hearts.

20-April: Stop _waiting, as_the _right _time _never_comes. "

19-April: If you want to do something good, then do it yourself. "

18-April: National Animal Crackers Day.